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Monte Carlo Resources

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Get in touch today to discuss how ELMOT products can power your industrial and construction operations in all specialist markets worldwide.

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About ELMOT JSC: Half a Century of Innovation and Quality


Founded in 1967, ELMOT JSC is a global industry leader in electric motor production and one of Eastern Europe’s premier heavy engineering firms. In its half-century of manufacturing, the company’s commitment to cutting-edge engineering, unparalleled build quality and a continuous desire for innovation has led it to become the world’s largest manufacturer of asynchronous electric motors with conical rotors and built-in brakes.

As a pioneer in the sector, ELMOT JSC manufactures:


  • Electric wire rope hoists

  • Single and double speed electric motors with built-in brake and up to 45kW power

  • Geared motors with standard and explosion-proof configuration

  • Top-running and underslung cranes

  • Rope load limiters

  • Trolleys, carriages and other crane components

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Monte Carlo Resources is a global sales and distribution partner for ELMOT's full range of products, including electric motors, crane components and hoists. Established 39 years ago, Monte Carlo Resources is a diversified industrial merchant with portfolio companies in the mining, agricultural and construction sectors and a strong operational presence in the United States, Africa and the Middle East.

With an emphasis on bespoke customer service and decades of experience in cutting-edge logistics and distribution, the Monte Carlo Resources team works directly with ELMOT’s senior management and factory to ensure that your industrial equipment needs are taken care of.



UK: 3 Whitehall Court, London SW1A 2EL

Telephone: +44 20 7193 6541

Monaco: 74 Boulevard d'Italie, MC 98000

Telephone: +377 640 625 100


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